California back on track with minority admissions

It appears that the folks at the University of California do understand the value of a diverse student body and in fact, they�ve figured out how to overcome the anti-affirmative action sentiment that is making it�s way across the country. By moving away from racial quotas or other shallow, easily-attacked, quantitative admissions criteria (including exclusive over-emphasis on standardized testing) toward qualitative criteria that places emphasis on demonstrated success behaviors like leadership and community service, the University of California has admitted more students this year than in 1997�the last year that race-based admissions were allowed. I understand that Florida and Texas are following California�s lead. Let�s keep this moving�Michigan and others, you�re next. Ward Connerly and Linda Chavez, get out the way. And while I�m on my soapbox�what�s up with organizations like the Center for Equal Opportunity extolling the virtues of a color-blind, gender neutral society while seeking to ban legislation that protects these groups from continued discrimination? Their idealism is noble but without practical mechanisms to get us from �here� to �there� idealism becomes irresponsible politics.


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