Technubian Entrepreneur Biography: Clarence Wooten

Technubian is a term that I use for the technologically proficient members of our community. This story by Jeffrey A. Tannenbaum of Startup.com features Clarence Wooten, a 28 year old high-tech entrepreneur whose motivational story of internet success demonstrates the potential of this new frontier as a wealth-building agent in our community. Mr. Wooten’s story is not a Cinderella fairy tale of a rise from rags to riches (though big money is involved), but the story of a young man who preserved and learned the ins and outs of the business to form a company based on a solid business model that was then sold for a tidy eight-figure sum (that’s at least $10 million!). Three steps: 1) work your idea, 2) make your money, and 3) pursue next idea. We can do this–let’s go!


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