Aaggh!—studying for the Indiana Bar—less frequent updates.

From June 1 through July 31, I will be studying for the Indiana Bar exam. As a lawyer, this is my final step in completing the journey to attorney. Attorneys have a Juris Doctor degree and are licensed to practice law whereas lawyers have a Juris Doctor degree but are not yet licensed to practice. Some lawyers choose not to become attorneys because their work doesn’t require representative appearances or the actual practice of law. Others like myself, want the option of practicing or not and must face a bar exam as the final determinant of competence and capacity to practice. My apologies for the lack up updates during this time; after July 31st the site will be better than ever with more of what you like and some additional surprise features. For those looking for information on law school or being a lawyer try these links: Law School Admission Council. This is the organization responsible for the formal admissions procedure. The Princeton Review is one of many course preparation options and their site is full of other helpful information as is Kaplan Test Prep, another of the more popular course preparation options. There are pros and cons of taking an expensive course depending on the individual. A favorite magazine of mine and a great internet resource that I recommend you check out is
JD Jungle .


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