It’s All About You, Baby

Free agency is no longer a concept reserved for athletes; individuals are learning that they can demand what they are worth from employers by ensuring that they know their worth and have the negotiation skills to back it up. If you understand what I’m saying, you’ll love this Tom Peters article that appeared in Fast Company. Each of us is the principal manager of our own enterprise–our economic and professional success–and if you haven’t begun to apply brand marketing principles to yourself, you’re not maximizing your worth. It’s about communicating uniqueness, value, and influence. Think about major corporation and their brand images: Coca-Cola, Nike, BMW. Think about individuals who have branded themselves: Ralph Lauren, Oprah, Martha Stewart. Each of these is a major player in the business arena. Everybody’s an entrepreneur–some people work for themselves in the true spririt of entrepreneurship and others use entrepreneurial principles in their work for others. Whichever course you choose, the key is not to be a puppet employee beholden to the company without regard for your own growth and development.


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