Change is Good. Next Steps.

The Indiana Bar Exam is over. Two of the longest days of my life are now behind me and I pray that I don’t have to ever repeat the experience. I did my best and I’m not sure how things will turn out but I’ve let go of all anxiety and placed it in God’s hands. As it turns out, I’ve received an offer for a new job outside of this state that is independent of bar exam results. I’m excited about the change and the challenges ahead but sad about leaving an area where we’ve made so many good friends. We must accept opportunities for growth and progress where they present themselves knowing that it’s all part of a greater plan for our lives. Regarding the website, I’m moving to a new server and have revamped the site. I’m in the process of having the domain name moved and as soon as I’m notified that the move is complete, the new and improved site will be available to all of you. Look forward to frequent changes to site content and weblog updates as I have much more time to devote to the endeavor and I truly enjoy your responses and feedback. Great things are happening and the best is yet to come.


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