Got Bit by the Business Bug Again

I’ve been bit by the bug again and I’m itching to learn more about coffee bars and coffee carts as business options. We live an an area where no coffee stores are nearby and I wonder whether the captive apartment community would support a small internet coffee bar. It’s an upscale community but I’m not sure about whether there is enough traffic to generate sales that would make the venture worthwhile. What little research I’ve done suggests that the entry costs are low–a fully equipped, full-service cart can be purchased for less than $20K–and I suspect that the rental space for a bigger bar might be fairly reasonable (depending on negotiations) if I wanted a more permanent location. Drawbacks: I don’t have enough information yet, I don’t know anything about the coffee bar business, I don’t have the personal time to invest in operating such a business on a daily basis–I’d need to hire staff, and lastly, though $20K isn’t a lot of money in terms of a start-up opportunity, I’m not sure I want to spend it on something that I know so little about. Hmm. I’ll have to do more research and run some solid numbers. Let’s see how long this bug bite lasts.


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