The New T5: More Fiction than Fact at this Point

The T5 Hoax Well, I warned you not to get your hopes up too soon. It appears that the T5 was an idea whose time has not quite come, though this article by Ed Hardy at Brighthand suggests that something real might be in the works. I’m sure that the good folks at Pa1mOne are working on a new device (hopefully) that incorporates some of the features that were suggested in the fictional T5, and if they’re smart, they’ll also review some of the criticisms of said device so that whatever is produced as a T3 successor has the basis for being one of the best PDAs ever. It it wasn’t for the digitizer and lack of WiFi, I’d still be happily Palming along, T3 by my side. For now I’ll stick with the iPAQ 4155 and see if any of the new HP kit sparks my interest.


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