The Whole Paper vs PDA Thing

As a power PDA user, I often wonder if a PDA is really better than a paper planner or if the technology and gee-whiz factor cause me to be an advocate for a solution that doesn’t really make sense. I’ve decided that paper makes sense for note taking and sketching out ideas and that the PDA is best for carrying data and reference information with you for updates on the fly. The multi-media and gaming functions are a plus but not really necessary and don’t factor directly into the paper/pda comparison. Mike Rohde does a good job of relating his struggle with the Paper vs PDa dilemma in these two articles: Business Diary Concept and Paper Planner Longings. Here are some other interesting links:

Pro Paper
Appointment Books vs. PDAs – Why Everyone Is Not Convinced
Vol 7, No 2, Section E, Winter 2003, Literacy Links

Handhelds vs. Paper Day Planners


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