Using a PDA for Time Management

Pocket PC Thoughts :: 10 Tips for Better Time Management with your PPC
I’ve seen a few commentaries like this one on how people have used their devices to get organized or to become better organized, etc. For some, a PDA has really helped them get on top of things but only after understanding how to optimize their use of the software and developing a strategy that works for them. A lot of other folks have spend the money on hardware and/or software thinking that the device would take hold of the organizational chaos in their lives, neatly process the confusion, and spit out an organizational plan that would remind them of meetings, schedule todos, and lay out a detailed, step-by-step plan for a bright and sunny future. When this glorious reality does not come to pass, the device is relegated to the back of a desk drawer under obscure papers never to be seen again until the battery drains and data is lost. David Allen, author of getting things done, has also offered his comments on how to use a PDA to assist with getting organized and meeting your goals. Organized Home ran a similar article on the use of categories. The technology is great when used in conjunction with a disciplined approach to PDAs as a tool for increased productivity. They can be great personal assistants but they need your direction in order to better direct you.


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