A Few Weekend Notes

It’s been a busy weekend. We saw Howard University play against Alabama State University in the Detroit Classic. Not a great game compared to others we’ve seen like the Circle City Classic in Indianapolis. People just didn’t seem as excited about being out and it certainly lacked the fashion and pageantry of the Indianapolis event. The battle of the bands was pretty good and though Alabama won the game, Howard’s band stole the show and left Alabama wondering what just happened. We then checked out the Jazz Festival and plan to go back tomorrow to see Aretha Franklin–that should be a good show. After the Jazz Festival, we went to Pontiac to visit the Arts, Beats and East festival. This thing was like the Taste of Chicago with a top-notch arts festival, carnival, and several stages of musical entertainment all going on at once. It was also free with the only expenses being parking and whatever food or art you purchased. It was well attended, the weather was great, the music was good, and most of the art was fantastic.

Anyway, back to more relevant topics. Engadget reports that T-Mobile is offering free WiFi in Florida until the end of Monday. I love using WiFi with my PDA (I haven’t been able to get the Netgear USB adapter to work yet. Although it seems to recognize and connect with my network, I can’t load any webpages in Internet Explorer. Aaagh.) but I don’t like to pay for the use of hotspots. T-mobile has done a great job of dominating the Starbuck and Borders Books markets with their pay for use strategy and I have resisted. With all that’s happening in Florida these days, this free hotspot gesture deserves some kudos.

On a less positive note, it appears that my web browser has been hijacked by spyware that prevents me from entering webpage addresses into the address field without being diverted to alternate search sites. Norton Antivirus hasn’t helped. I’ll try Ad-aware and hope for the best. I hate spyware.


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