Information Overload

I’ve been using the newsfeed reader Bloglines.com to subscribe to my favorite websites to collect the latest and greatest postings for my review all in one place. It’s a great tool, but I’m finding that now I have more news than I care to read sometimes and many of the sites update throughout the day making me want to revisit my feeds for even more punishment. Some of the sites repeat the same news but they might include different links. I have decided that I cannot keep up with all the new convergence devices that are being announced and until hardware actually hits the street and real user reviews are posted, I’m not adding value and the quest to provide updates isn’t all that exciting since it’s an extension of the publicity hype.

Of Interest to PDA Lawyers

I did come across this article in the PDA 24/7 archives: A Day in the Life of a PDA-Enabled Lawyer. I haven’t finished the whole thing but it’s a good real of how an attorney relies on his Palm OS device to manage professional activity and organization. This is one of the best perspectives I’ve found on a lawyer’s use of a PDA as a valuable tool, being a non-practicing PDA-enabled lawyer myself. If you like this, you might also look at the Palmsource expert guide on legal use of a Palm device.


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