msmobiles.com – Wi-Fi generation or which Pocket PC phone with built-in Wi-Fi to buy ? Feature by feature comparison

Thank goodness! This comparison is what I’ve been looking for. If you wanted to know the deal on upcoming Pocket PC phones with a feature by feature comparison, then this is for you. The MDA/XDA is my favorite and it sums up all that I’ve been looking for and talking about in terms of ideal convergence. It’s dimensions are among the smallest, it has the most memory, it has the fastest processor, the latest software, a speakerphone, RIM Blackberry technology built in, and a great screen–the only concern would be battery life and maybe that’s why the iPAQ h6315 last so much longer on a charge by sacrificing some of the power features. Where and how much? Here’s a review by Mobile-review.com.


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