A Few Items of Note

Thanks to Dave’s iPAQ for this Pocket PC Magazine link to an article about some really creative ways of using WiFi on a Pocket PC from streaming iTunes music to making free phone calls. There’s also a reminder question on his site about backing up your device. Once you lose all your data and find yourself without a quick and easy way to recover information without spending days in data entry mode, you’ll remember the importance of this advice. You should also make sure that you make a backup copy of your memory card. I made a mistake and reformatted my 256 MB card and lost all the reference material I had stored. Digital dependency is a cruel disease.

I thought about getting a wide screen television over the weekend. I kept going between EDTV and HDTV ready and DLP rear projection vs LCD rear projection and plasma vs LCD? There are a lot of choices and the price ranges vary quite a bit depending on the technology. As a general rule, thinner is more expensive as is greater resolution. I found the most difficult thing is not letting the salespeople get you so excited about the technology that you wind up spending a lot more than you planned. I’ve decided to wait until the prices come down even lower and the technology becomes pretty stable. After a couple of store visits, it became pretty apparent that service warranties are a must just because of replacement bulb costs and some of the televisions availalble are sitting next to later generations of the same model. Without doing a LOT of research, how do you know if you have the improved model or the prior generation’s set–still a nice television but with some issues that can only be discovered after actual consumer use over time. I think I’ll keep my money in my pocket for a while and keep watching my great big, wide-body, low-resolution CRT. It works great and costs nothing. We need to read more books anyway.

If you like my random thoughts on things PDA, you might like the extended rants of the guys over at PDAThoughts. I visit them often and some of the posting are really quite good and thought provoking. In a recent post, Neil Brown wonders whether he should switch from Palm to Pocket PC because of what he views as a lack of new innovations from Palm while Pocket PC takes what Palm does, copies it, and in some cases makes it even better. I switched for some of the same reasons, and though Pocket PC is not as elegant and straight-forward, I’ve adjusted to the differences and become as productive with my iPAQ as I was with my Tungsten T3. Will I go back someday? I don’t know–I still like the Palm OS but today’s offerings give me no reason to return. The Pocket PC WiFi phones that I’ve been talking about push me even further away. Tungsten 5, Tungsten 5, Where Art Thou, Tungsten 5?

Oprah Strikes Again–Way to Go GM!

If you missed The Oprah Winfrey Show where Oprah gave away 276 Pontiac G6’s, here’s a link to the story. Being a GM supporter, this was great press for the automaker and when Oprah mentions something, it turns into gold so I’m sure that the cost to GM for donating the cars will more than be recouped in G6 sales. It’s a Gotta Have car.


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