Saturday Morning Blather

I got up fairly early today to get some things done. I need to take a bunch of books that are out of date or that I just don’t need to keep anymore to a local used bookstore. Some are just junk and probably should be thrown away. Once that’s done, we should have a little more room to unpack all the stuff that’s still in boxes from this last move.

I’m thinking about getting a new pair of glasses. There’s a nice store called See that we saw a few weeks ago and they have some very stylish frames for great prices. The turnaround time is a few days but the look is worth the wait.

I’ve seen a few news items about RFID tags and their many potetial uses from inventory control to traking people. Neat technology, but I’m very concerned about privacy when it comes to these tags. We’ve already got spam, spyware and pop-up ads running rampant; I’m not sure I trust retailers to limit their use of the tags to inventory control.

Enough for now; time for lunch and Bernic Mac.


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