T3: Sold! Wonder if I Would Have Made More Money on eBay?

I just sold my Tungsten T3 on Half.com for $200. It was listed earlier for $260 and didn’t seem to generate much interest but after dropping the price, it didn’t take long to sell. I wonder if I would have made more money if I had listed it on eBay. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that it sold, but I think the buyer got a great deal and I might have done better had I pursued a different option. Anyway, my curiousity about eBay has been piqued and after doing a few searches, I found a lot of sites with so-called best tips for selling on eBay and many more sites with offers to purchase guides and books to help in the effort. Some seemed OK but you never know if you can trust individual advice without knowing more about the person’s track record and if they really know what they’re talking about. I did find this link at the Entrepreneur Magazine Resource Center for the eBay Startup Center. It’s full of helpful and trustworthy information. I think that I may try my hand at an eBay store where I sell some of the many leadership and management books I’ve collected over the years in addition to some of the gadgets I’ve got sitting around collecting dust. These treasures should fetch a tidy sum. I’m off to ship my T3 to its new owner and to begin plotting my plans for proceeds and profit.


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