Geek.com Geek News – Mini-Review: Nokia 6820

Neat phone. It seems that my efforts to get my grubby hands on an h6315 Pocket PC phone by exchanging my iPAQ 4155 and paying the difference have been foiled–and by my own mistake, no less. I never throw away the original boxes of my PDA because I like to include the original packaging when I inevitably sell the device and use the proceeds to trade up to the latest and greatest. Well that wasn’t the case with my 4155. What was I thinking? And so now, when I go to CompUSA to exercise the PDA exchange warranty that I purchased with the thing in the hopes of upgrading at the appropriate time (like now!), not having the original box makes the deal a no-go with my only option being to exchange a defective device for a refurbished model. Aaaagh! I want a new phone-PDA combo right now, not later. This means I’ll have to sell the 4155 (like the T3 before it) on eBay or Half.com. Not a bad thing but again, it kills the go-out-and-get-it-now impulse and the whole thrill of having the latest new toy. I might just go buy a new one outright and deal with the sale of the old device later but that’s a lot of cheese outta my pocket with no immediate replenishment. Anyway, this phone seemed like a nice consolation gadget but after writing this entry, I’m not that crazy about it anymore and my attention is back on the h6315. I guest you can’t do Jedi mind tricks on yourself.


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