More on the Move from Palm to Pocket PC: Don’t Get Rid of the Wireless Keyboard

When I bought my T3, I later purchased the Palm Wireless Keyboard. This thing is great because it uses infrared making it compatible with almost any Palm handheld that uses infrared and doesn’t need to plug into connectors which are not the same for all Palm models and made other keyboards useless once you bought a new device. The REALLY good thing about this keyboard is since it uses infrared, it theoretically should work with ANY handheld that uses infrared technology, Palm or otherwise. Well guess what? The same manufacturer that makes the palmOne Wireless Keyboard (Think Outside) also makes the Stowaway IR Wireless Keyboard–a re-branded version of the very same keyboard–which is compatible with both Palm and Pocket PC PDAs. All you need to do to make your Palm Wireless Keyboard work with a Pocket PC device is download the proper drivers and install them on your machine. Outstanding! Finally, an accessory that really is universal.


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