The Deed is Done–My Weakness for a New Tool (Toy?) Prevailed

You may now count me among the lucky few who have been able to secure a new iPAQ h6315 Pocket PC Phone. It’s a pretty nice device. Even though it’s a little thicker than my iPAQ 4155 and has a sizeable antenna, I don’t find the additional bulk to be too much of a big deal. This is a good trade off considering that now I can carry one device and not be saddled with the need for a mobile phone and a PDA. It’s a great combination of the two devices and I still have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, a slightly better digital camera (640 X 480), speakerphone, and all the PDA functionality that I had before. I took the SIM card out of my T-mobile SE T610 mobile phone and popped it into the h6315 and everything works like a charm with no need for new activation or the more expensive data plans being offered by T-mobile. Now that meant that I didn’t get the $100 rebate/discount and had to pay the full price but what I save with my monthly service of about $60 versus the new service of about $90 will pay for itself in three months and be money to the good after that. My brother thinks I’m’ a certified geek but that’s fine–I’m a very gleeful geek playing with a new tech tool-toy (He’s made some pretty cool updates to his site, by the way). This is one step further into the dark world of Pocket PC and beyond the Palm OS Paradise from whence I came. Sigh. Oh well, enough of the past–let’s see what this thing can do.

And on a different, but important note:
A Voteless People is a Hopeless People.


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