SMS Posting Needs Work

I managed to post to my blog using SMS from the h6315 today after numerous hangups. This is not a post via SMS and I decided to delete the ones that were posted because they weren’t formatted properly. The color was wrong and the titles of the posts were repeated. Not sure what happened in the translation but I think I’ll save SMS posting for instances where I just can’t get to a computer. I may need to consider T-mobile mail but you know I don’t like paying for a whole lot of nickel and dime service add-ons. The initial problem was that I didn’t realize that SMS messages are limited to 160 characters–that’s why it’s called Short Messaging Service. The posts I was trying to send were way over the character limit. Once I realized what I was doing and sent shorter messages to the weblog address they posted, but, as I said, the formatting was off. I may try again some other time. It would be nice to post messages remotely and on the spur of the moment from anywhere using the connected capabilities of the h6315 but I just can’t have anything popping up on the site looking crazy. Believe it or not, we do have standards around here.


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