AT&T to Offer XDA III

As happy as I am with my h6315, wouldn’t you know that AT&T plans to offer a device that looks a lot better with better specifications that many of us PDA heads thought wouldn’t be released in the states. The SX66 (also known as the XDA III) looks like a killer. The AT&T/Cingular network is bigger than T-Mobile’s and they plan on offering faster data services. Well great. I do not plan on getting rid of my h6315 anytime soon, though I didn’t plan on getting rid of my 4155 three months after buying it either. All I know is the battery life on my h6315 better be way, way, way better than any of these XDA III types to justify the slower processor and T-Mobile’s data service plans better be the best in the industry. Otherwise, the better form factor with an integrated, slide-out keyboard, more RAM and faster processor will out do what the h6315 currently offers since they share the same connectivity options (Bluetooth, WiFi, high speed data) and I would have to give serious consideration to yet another change. Somebody at Engadget feels the same way. I better relax and maybe this neurosis will pass–you can’t keep up with all the advances in technology; get something you like for a reasonable amount of money, use it for a while and repeat when practical again.

Is the PDA as we currently know it an endangered species that will evolve into the PDA Phone? The Treo 600/650 and all these Pocket PC Phones seem to be the next step in the evolutionary chain.

By the way, we had a great time at DePauw over the weekend.


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