PDA Hotspots – Pocket PC / Palm / Mobile Friendly Websites

This is a nice site for the connected PDA user on the go, handy for when you need to look up a movie listing or want to visit websites that have been optimized for reading on a PDA screen. It includes over 1000 sites sorted by categories for easy reference. It’s very well done. Thanks to Dave’s iPAQ for the link and brief review.

Text Messaging Comes of Age

I saw this AOL article about text messaging on college campuses and wondered how others might be using the technology or if it’s catching on. If Blackberry and Sidekick users are any indication, SMS will become as comfortable a form of communicating as email with the added advantage of always-with-you convenience via cell phones and PDAs.

Along with marketing, promotions and business broadcasts to employees, text messages are being used in a number of new and creative ways from sending missing or abducted children amber alerts in Texas and New York, to organizing spur of the moment political rallies. A few words of caution: make sure you understand what your wireless service provider charges for text messages–both to send and to receive–to keep your bill manageable unless you have an unlimited messaging plan. Also, be careful of what you send via a text message; if you wouldn’t send it through email or don’t want it saved on a company server, don’t send it. The Kobe Bryant case is a good example. Perhaps more important than what you send is when you send. Never send text messaging when driving or otherwise preoccupied in activity that demands your full attention.

For all you ever wanted to know about text messaging visit text.it.


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