Apple – iPod Photo

Several months ago Apple said that they have no plans to get back into the PDA market but these iPods continue to become more and more like PDAs with every evolution. You can play your music, listen to audio books, synchronize your calendar, synchronize your address book, play games, store text notes, use it as a portable hard drive, record voice notes and with this latest product, you can view your pictures. If Apple ever adds an input method to the iPod I think it will qualify as a PDA.


  1. Keen insight. I was just looking at that earlier today. Does Apple have a stake in the PDA market? I’ve noticed that PDA’s are growing larger memory cards and music handling capabilities…there markets are converging. I wonder about what the big picture is for the ipod and where they are looking to take it. I can’t say that I’m excited about its evolution.

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