Brighthand No Palm OS Cobalt Devices Until 2006?

I’ve said before that I like the Palm OS–it’s stable, intuitive and fun to work with. It makes using a Palm device a joy and encourages creativity and utility. Though I’m currently using a Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 2003 as its operating system, as impressed as I am with its ability to multi-task (huge advantage over Palm in terms of utility) and its evolution towards truly becoming a laptop replacement in terms of right-out-of-the-box applications and integration, it’s almost too much of a computer at times because it doesn’t have some of Palm’s intuitiveness requiring several more stylus taps than necessary. Palms generally have greater screen resolution on most devices but lack built-in WiFi capability even though the Treo 600 and 650 are outstanding convergence devices. Overall, I think Windows Mobile devices have outpaced Palm in terms of user preferences and their ongoing gains in market share would support this observation. The Cobalt operating system was intended to put Palm back on top of the game in terms of all the innovation combined with Palm’s trademark functional elegance but waiting until 2006 means the last holdouts will likely migrate to the dark side. The current Palm offerings though nice, just don’t cut it for power users who are hungry for more from the hometown favorite.


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