www.infosyncworld.com : Review: O2 XDA IIs

If these bad boys make it stateside, T-Mobile and my current h6315 are in trouble. Hm, if memory serve me and the internet hype is reliable (two scary thoughts), I seem to recall that T-Mobile might be offering their own version of this device. This review criticizes the processor speed of the XDA II at being behind the times at 400 MHz rather than the 520 or 624 MHz devices that are being released currently but I’m working with 168 MHz after having 400 with my prior device. That’s s-l-o-w. If the XDA-types get anywhere near decent battery life with more zip and almost twice the RAM, it’s a no-brainer and I’ve got two devices ready to ship on eBay. My only concern is thickness and I’ve not been able to check the dimensions yet. All this while I wait on a new case for the h6315–hey, I work everyday right? My wife is going to flip.


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