Bout it, Bout it: About.com Palmtops and PDAs?

I frequently get Google alerts that refer me to this website and I’ve often wondered how recent the articles were. Well, it turns out that the site features a weblog on PDA news and articles with enough content to keep both novice and expert satisfied. The site plans to feature a different PDA accessory until Christmas. Some of the other About.com sites are just as rich. This blurb is from the Our Story section of the site:

“According to Nielsen NetRatings, About.com is a top 15 Web property used by one out of every five people on the Internet. It holds a valued role in the lives of more than 20 million opinion leaders as a preferred source of original consumer information and advice. The success of About.com centers around our unique Guide System that features 23 content channels and promotes original content from more than 475 topical advisors or “Guides.” The Guides are the heart and soul of the About.com experience, sharing their passions across 50,000+ topics and offering actionable information and advice that is always useful, practical and personally relevant. Our robust library almost one million pieces of original content represents one of the largest of its kind on the Web today.

About.com has unparalleled reach and an extensive viewership that connects to more women that iVillage.com, more men than ESPN.com and more teens than MTV.com. Together, the practical solutions offered on About.com generate millions of page views.”

No matter what your interest, you’ll find a guide that provides a wealth of good information from people who are happy to help.


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