The Convergence Continuum Claims Another Member

I purchased a Treo 600 for my wife over the weekend since CompUSA had a sale that included the device with T-Mobile activation for $299. I hadn’t done much comparison shopping but she needed a new phone and we had talked about the Treo as a good way to combine her Clie TJ27 with an outdated free phone she got from Verizon a few years ago. I know that the Treo 650 is out and it improves on the 600 in many ways (as detailed in this X-Gadget comparison article) but the 600 is a tried and true device and $299 seemed like a good deal though I just checked Amazon.com and saw that AT&T has it for $199 after special offers. I’m not crazy about AT&T/Cingular’s unlimited internet price of $80 per month so I still think I made out OK.

I must say that my initial impresssions of the 600 as compared with my h6315 are very good. Like most have reported, the form factor is the optimal for both phone and PDA. The phone software is tightly integrated and works well. As I have more of an opportunity to compare the two devices, I’ll report additional information about my findings in a subsequent post. The convergence continues.


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