Surf’s Up: More Dollars for Data

My internet access on the iPAQ is up and running again but it’s a sad day in technoland. Apparently, T-Mobile, the premiere provider of low-cost, unlimited mobile internet access via GPRS, discovered a flaw in their network that allowed many subscribers (myself included) to surf the net endlessly for the bargain basement price of $4.99 per month. Considering the fact that other providers offer unlimited internet at monthly prices ranging from $79 to $15, $5 is a steal. So T-Mobile decided to get tough on crime, and it seems that a lockout on access using the $5 plan is slowly moving across the nation. I had been without access for the last four days and was informed of the service change after a not-so-innocent call to tech support. I really wasn’t surprised, especially since T-Mo also offers an unlimited data access plan for $19.99 per month. The $5 plan was intended for limited access to T-Zones proprietary sites but offered much greater reach for those savvy enough to use it, but no more.

So, I’ve given in and purchased the $20 plan. Still a decent value but I’m told that Sprint offers a faster data plan for $15 per month. Fortunately, competition for data dollars seems to be heating up; unfortunately I’m not so sure that activation and termination fees will give consumers the freedom to keep up.


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