Verizon Wireless Is Taking Business Communication to a Whole New Level With The XV6600

With the release of the XV6600 (yet another one of the Blue Angel/Harrier slide-out keyboard devices by HTC) on the Verizon BroadbandAccess network, I really have to wonder which provider has the best plan for PDA Phones. BroadbandAccess offers unlimited data speeds of 300-500 Kbps for $45 per month not including voice service. That’s more than double what I’m paying for unlimited T-Mobile data but over the GPRS network the speed is more like 50 Kbps. If T-Mobile upgrades from GPRS to EDGE, data speeds will increase to 130 Kbps which is better but the projected timeframe for an upgrade has almost passed and I’m not sure when it will happen. My reception with T-Mobile is not as reliable as I would like and there are a lot of new devices coming out on arguably better networks. I wonder if I’m making a mistake by staying with the low-cost leader. If getting a new SIM card doesn’t improve things, I’ll be forced to make a decision soon.


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