iPod shuffle Versus Sandisk 1GB Player

Gizmodo and Dave’s iPaq have weighed in on the debate about whether the Shuffle is worth the hype. I’ve talked about the iPod more than enough lately and this post isn’t so much about the iPod as it is about innovation. I like the latest and greatest technologies with all the bells and whistles you can give me for my money, but the truth of the matter is that most people aren’t the early adopters or the early majority–the average Joe and Jane don’t need all the extras. Joe and Jane want proven technology that suits a well-defined purpose. If the technology works well and is popular (and mature) they’ll bite and bite hard–hence the popularity of the iPod, and the same will happen with the Shuffle. All the other players (inventions, not innovations) were too much too soon and they still lack a killer, integrated application like we have in iTunes. Perhaps when the iPod’s popularity wanes–if ever–and most people expect more from their devices, we’ll see the interest in radios and built-in transmitters. The iPod already does more than many current owners realize and you can be sure that their innovating will keep pace with consumer interests.


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