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Ice, Ice, Baby.

Many things have changed since I last updated this site. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and hadn’t had a chance to Google me, check out any of the following:

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I’m also on all your favorite social networking sites. Just look up IcemanBaldy.


This location will no longer be used for active posting. You may find news from me related to human resources concerns at, a blog focused on HR professionals who have a love for personal technology and a desire to use these tool-toys to become more productive. is positioned to become The Most Comprehensive Black Business Directory on the Internet. Join The One Million. is the editorial weblog for

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Dr. John Sullivan wrote this article that was featured in the January online issue of Workforce Management. It’s rare and almost impossible that VPs of HR would be considered for the top corporate post over operations or finance executives. In order to change that circumstance, this piece provides ten things that HR leaders must do if they want a shot at the CEO’s job. His VP of HR newsletter is also worth checking out.

Iceman Baldy, technology guru and entrepreneur, will provide weblog content for (also known as The One Million). Baldy, a co-founder of the comprehensive black business directory, is in the process of excerpting information from his prior weblogs at and to provide OneMillion members with access to those posting that are of particular relevance to black business owners and entrepreneurs. Visit the weblog section of to view the full archive of available postings or the center section of the site for RSS hosted feeds.

A new book by Andy Kessler, a former hedge fund manager who now writes on investment trends in technology and communications. How We Got Here is “a Primer on the ways in which new technologies develop from unprofitable curiosities to essential investments.”

JD Bliss offered this May 1, 2005 link for your use as an online personality test for entrepreneurs.

Googlezon Cometh

Is it just me or is Google trying to take over the world? First Gmail, which by the way is up to 2 gigabytes of storage and counting; now there’s Google Local–also optimized for phones and PDAs, and don’t forget Google Maps which will provide you with a satellite picture of any address; some are so clear that you can pick out houses on the street. Google SMS wasn’t released too long ago and seems old compared to these new offerings.

If Google’s world domination sounds far fetched, check out this transcript of the mini-movie clip EPIC by Robert Sloan. The transcript was done by Robin Good with links to the Sloan movie. Googlezon may be closer than you thihk.

Art, Action, and Conversation–this is what you can expect if you ever have an opportunity to participate in the cross-generational, edutainment experience provided by Edward M. Garnes, Jr. and Sugar Johnson of Babuke Brothers, LLC. As their website states, “From Afros to Shelltoes is an inter-generational dialogue that aims to lessen the misunderstandings between the Civil Rights and Hip-Hop generations to inspire new visions for the future.” They also sponsor the Cornbread Consortium and a list of links for their Cool People Network.

More from jkOnTheRun: Gmail may be making its debut without the need for an invitation from a current user. I’ve got an account-it’s not hard to say yes to a free 1000MB email utility that’s PDA compatible. And: An optimized google experience for mobile device users. When I log onto google from my PDA the google home page fits my screen nicely but it’s been enhanced for an even better mobile experience with the ability to search for images.

The Motley Fool: This Just In: CEOs Are Rich

Leave it to the good folks at The Motley Fool to make you feel good about those long hours at the office.

Wired News: Whither The Wall Street Journal?

Is The Wall Street Journal Relevant as on Online Resource?
Apparently not unless you’re willing to pay for the service. This is the primary reason why I and others don’t link to what are otherwise superb articles-the benefit of sharing this resource with others doesn’t outweigh the associated cost.