I finally got my wireless USB adapter to connect with my WiFi internet connection. Why is it that some hardware installations seem to take so much time and effort. If Macintosh’s weren’t so expensive and software for them easier to obtain, I would never own a Microsoft-based machine. I’m not a super-techie but I will spend the time to try to get things working between hardware and software and I’m been pretty fortunate lately. I feel sorry for people who don’t have the patience or the interest when what should be a simple plug and play installation just goes wrong. Anyway, I’m happy to have gotten the communication link established and now I’m ready to celebrate!

Had a pretty good weekend. We’re investigating getting new mobile phone–she, a Treo 600; me an iPAQ h6315 or XDA III (aka HTC Blue Angel aka T-Mobile MDA III aka Vodaphone VPA III aka Qtek 9090–whew!). I will probably wait until the XDA has been reviewed by a couple of folks before choosing between the two. Once done, we’ll have several devices for sale–a Sony Clie PEG-TJ27, an iPAQ 4150, Palm Tungsten T3, and Sony Ericsson T610. I need to open a used electronics store. Good stuff, Maynard.


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